Appearances/Presentations in 2015 include:  


February     Cast 2nd movie Did You See Their Faces?


April             Completed 4 - day movie shoot

May              Post editing for DidYou See Their Faces?

 June             Post Editing for Did You See Their Faces?

 July              Training for Facilitators for Level 
                      Begin Marketing Campaign for  daily Blog, a monthly Radio Radio                                       Show and  Monthly Training Training

 August         Begin Radio Show You Don't Live On My Street WVOL 1470 am 
                      11:00 am to 12 pm every Tuesday, Begin Blog and social                                                      networkng communications schedule
                      Release Trailer for the new move Did You See Their Faces?

September  Tentative Training for college in Missouri and College in Georgia
                      local monthly Holistic Mentor Trainings begin

October       Premier Did You See Their Faces?

November   Holistic Mentor Trainings continue

December   Holistic Mentor Trainings continue
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