Form To Request A Domain Name
Use the form below to request EZ-NetTools to purchase a domain name.  There is a charge to purchase a domain name.  Our bid may have included the purchase of a domain name.  In which case there will not be any charge for the domain name.  If you wish to purchase additional domain names, you can use this form to request one.

After we have verified that the domain name is still available, we will purchase the domain name exactly the way you spell it on this form.  So double check the information you give us.  If we have any questions we will contact you via the email or phone number you provide in the form.

We will purchase this domain name using our registration service.  This usually saves you a lot of hassle.  We will remind you when it needs to be renewed.  Regardless of this control which we exercise on your behalf, we consider the domain name to belong to you at all times.  Consequently, if you ask us to relinquish this control, we will do so if your account is current.

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If your bid did not include the cost of this domain name, then we request authorization to charge the credit card or checking account you provided when you accepted the bid.
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