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Selecting the keywords of your site is one of the most important steps of building a web site.  Well selected and implemented keywords improves your search engine rankings.  Key words also provide overall direction for the website, affecting the content, the development of the graphical elements, and sometimes even the navigation options.  That is why you want to pick your key words early in the development of your web site.  

When Developing Keywords, think of words describe the purpose of your website. Think of words that are very focused and clearly indicate the content of your web site.  For example, "crystal" is a better key word than "gifts."    "Waterford crystal" is better than just "crystal."  If your clientele is primarily local, the "Waterford crystal in Boise, Idaho" is even better.  Think about how your customers will try to find you.  For example, suppose you make custom jewelry.  Your first thought for key words might be "custom made jewelry."  However, you will quickly learn that there are lots of web sites in that market.  But if your name is well know by your customers, then your name may be your best keyword.

Here are some issues about key words and search engines you need to keep in mind.  Single words are hard to use effectively because the internet is so enormous that there are usually hundreds if not thousands of web sites associated with single word, unless you are in a niche market.  Multiple word phrases can be help focus a search.  People are learning to focus their searches by using longer phrases.  Try to get a domain name that uses your keywords.

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  • If you are developing your own content for your web pages, then be sure to make your content "keyword rich."  That means to use your keywords as often as you logically can in your content.  Yet, do not use them so frequently that your text does not read or flow naturally.  Using a keyword more than 14 times on a page will likely result in the search engines down grading your ranking.
  • If you have arranged for EZ-NetTools to develop your content, then we will use these keywords appropriately in your content.
  • If you have arranged for EZ-NetTools to refine your keywords, please provide us with what you think should be your keywords.  Then we will analyze them and make additional suggestions.
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